Dan Ostrowski

Katalyst Fitness

Booking Platform

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Application Overview

The Katalyst Booking Platform is a responsive web application that allows current and potential Katalyst Clients the ability to identify and book an available session. This platform was designed and built over the course of my tenure at Katalyst and I was involved in the entire process from planning, research, execution, and tracking final bug fixes.


  • Clearly communicate what Katalyst EMS training is and the benefits of use.

  • Support both Introductory 60 min and Regular 30 min sessions.

  • Client profile creation and history (i.e suit size, session history, workout goals, etc.).

  • Credit purchase and management.

  • Support scaling to multiple studios & cities.

  • Allow for regular bookings to occur every 15 min across the whole studio.

  • Shared information between Booking Platform and Training Station.


Experience Director / Designer


June 2016 - September 2017


Concept Development


Prompt - Define the expected booking model and develop a system that accomidates it.

Concept - I explored a vast number of directions and solutions that evolved with our shifting business model. These explorations ranged from a limited class based structure to focus on small group, dual and solo sessions. For example, a class based platform typically has 8 - 10  available options on a booking page per day, while Katalyst, offering 30 min sessions, bookable every 15 mins, affords 64 sessions per day for each station. Each concept also had to work responsively across all devices, but preference was given for desktop and mobile.


Mobile Booking



Educate & Explore

Prompt - Educate potential clients about the safety and benefits of a Katalyst training session.

Concept - The technology that Katalyst employs, EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation), is relatively unknown inside the US and can be intimidating to potential clients. A 90 minute workout in 20 minutes sounds too good to be true, to overcome this, I proposed we produce a series of short videos of our clients explaining the technology and the benefits they have achieved. 


Mobile Booking

Prompt - Allow for easy booking of multiple sessions across multiple studios.

Concept - Katalyst Booking allows clients to select their favorite studio and quickly identify their desired session time. While the introductory session is complementary, further sessions require a monthly subscription and can be booked during the allotted booking period.

  • Display a clear and concise booking flow.

  • Display remaining subscription sessions and when to use them.

  • Display and prioritize suggested booking day.

  • Support a responsive and cohesive design.


Studio Management 

Prompt - Create a studio management tool that allows trainers to manage, modify, and complete bookings within the studio environment. 

Concept - Katalyst Studio allows trainers to take their Studio's pulse, stay on top of issues, and run the studio smoothly

  • Trainers can see all current (blue), incoming (red), and upcoming (black) sessions for the day.

  • Identify what station and space they will be working in each day.

  • Quickly identify introductory sessions.

  • Input a client's information, see their workout history and comment on their progress.

  • Schedule an upcoming session.

  • Manage clients within the studio environment (i.e move clients between stations, cancel sessions, adjust start time, reschedule, etc.)

  • Populate and display relative business analytics (i.e. studio burn rate, client retention, total sessions, suit management, etc.)