Dan Ostrowski

1-Hour Design Challenge

Emergency Shelter

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the design website Core77.com focused their monthly 1-hour design sketch challenge on creating innovative and appropriate pop-up shelter solutions. I competed in the challenge and my submission was selected. This is not a fully developed design concept, but a quick sketch concept. 

Solo Project - 2009

Portfolio 4_emergs.jpg

My Approach

"Based on the reports coming out of Haiti, I decided that a natural disaster refugee was a transient person that would migrate to new locations in search of safety, food, and/or medical help. I developed a inflatable tent because of its lightweight, easy transport, and minimal storage space when not in use. A GPS tracker was added so that rescue teams could know, before entering a ND zone, where they are most needed. The LifeStraws were added in an attempt to stave off water born pathogens and the use of mosquito repellent fabric was indented to stave off malaria."